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Supportive Communication

Veterans Mediation Training

35 hour Veterans Mediation Training Sessions will be held on Fridays from 8:30 to 4:00. Dates and Locations TBD

Registration Form 2018-19 Mediation AND skills training registration forms

Brochure VM Training Brochure 2019-vm-training-brochure


It’s tough to communicate effectively by telegraph. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Communicating Effectively / Resolving Conflicts

This comprehensive training helps participants create and reinforce the building blocks for a positive, effective work environment. We focus on cultivating the interpersonal skills often overlooked in work settings, including recognizing your own and others’ emotional needs, asking for help, identifying and addressing unanticipated sources of conflict, and navigating and equalizing informal power structures.

Training topics include:

  • Learning how to be an effective listener
  • Parsing the underlying reasons for conflict
  • Finding areas of common ground
  • Asking effective open ended questions
  • Reflecting on personal bias

Participants develop abilities that are the basis for positive conflict resolution and enhance the communication between clients and co-workers. Participants first build skills through lecture and small group work, then move to utilizing cases studies to apply the skills in practical situations. The needs of diverse learners are met through a variety of learning techniques including focused reflection.

The training can be implemented in one of two ways:

  • One 8-hour day of training
  • Two 4-hour days

Comments from previous trainees:

“The training was enlightening and applicable to daily lives.  This will help me be a better listener and keep in mind what others are going through.”

“The trainers were very knowledgeable and connected to the process.  They were genuine.”

“Nice presentation, tricky topics that were kept positive and solution oriented.  Thank you.”

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