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Peer Mediation Training


World leaders are better at helping world leaders resolve disputes. (Anwar Sadat, Jimmy Carter, and Menachem Begin at Camp David in 1978, via Wikimedia Commons)

Our Peer Mediation program is based in schools, where student mediators help other students resolve conflicts and serve as co-mediators alongside an adult in child-parent or student-teacher disputes. When training peer mediators, Quabbin Mediation works closely with school staff to develop a mediation training program consistent with the values of the school community. This, along with school-wide education about the mediation program and its use, ensures its implementation. Having cultural and institutional support from teachers, staff, and other students is crucial to a successful mediation process, and to shifting the school’s discipline culture from one of punishment to one of supportive behavioral change.

  • 18-20 hour training

Please be in touch with Training Director Susan Wallace to discuss how to bring Peer Mediation Training to your school.



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