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Mediation Training

Veterans Mediation Training

35 hour Veterans Mediation Training Sessions will be held on Fridays from 8:30 to 4:00. Dates and Locations TBD

Registration Form 2018-19 Mediation AND skills training registration forms

Brochure VM Training Brochure 2019-vm-training-brochure


1660 Peace Testimony issued by Quakers, whose problem-solving practices formed the basis for modern American mediation

Mediation is an effective way of resolving conflicts while working to preserve important relationships, and to save time and money. Mediators help people in conflict clarify issues, identify common interests, and seek their own solutions while creating agreements that satisfy the needs of everyone involved. The mediation process is flexible, informal, and promotes creative thinking. Mediation is:

  • Voluntary: All parties agree to be a part of the mediation and can withdraw from the process at any time.
  • Neutral: Mediators are impartial; they do not take sides, give advice, or judge the parties.
  • Confidential: Information from mediations will not be made public and cannot be used in court.
  • Self-determined: The parties create their own solution to the dispute.  Mediators do not tell people what to do.
  • Informed consent: Parties must be able to fully understand the process and the terms of their agreement.  

Mediation skills are not only useful for conducting formal mediations, but  are applicable in situations and conflicts of all types. Business and workplace conflicts, parent-child and family matters, and conflicts among neighbors are examples of where mediation skills can be invaluable tools in resolving conflicts.

Quabbin Mediation offers training for mediators of every level:

Basic Mediation Training: for those new to mediation

Ethics: for mediators who have completed the Basic Mediation Training and want to work as mediators in the Courts in Massachusetts.

Divorce Mediation Training: prepares experienced mediators to deal with the specific challenges of working with divorcing couples.

Peer Mediation Training: empowers youth to mediate conflict amongst their peers in schools and in the community.

Advanced Training:  Quabbin Mediation offers training to experienced mediators on a variety of topics such as dealing with high conflict, managing large group/multiparty mediations, and mediation between family members.

If you are an experienced mediator seeking additional training, or looking to get started as a mediator, and would like to attend one of our trainings, please contact us.


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