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Preparing for and Conducting an Effective Negotiation

Preparing for and Conducting an Effective Negotiation

May 10, 10AM – noon

Gardner, Massachusetts

This 2-hour training focuses on the difficult work of advocating for yourself and respecting the needs of others in a negotiation. When all parties arrive at a negotiation table intending to find a mutual best outcome, rather than to “win” with no regard for the other, the result is more likely to be satisfactory to all, and the process is likely to be easier as well. In this training, participants will practice identifying ideal resolutions as well as agreeable alternatives, and self-advocacy as well as active listening.

Participants work with real-life situations to explore the process of listening in order to gather information and develop trust. They utilize a learned set of skills that will generate movement

and transform a stagnant process in to one that reaches a positive outcome. Participants examine the consequences of failure to reach a negotiated agreement, how to cope with failure and unmet needs.

FREE for health care workers, emergency personnel, first responders, and staff of community agencies serving vulnerable populations in North Central Massachusetts

Seating is limited, but still available. To register, email susan@quabbinmediation.org, or click here.

Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation

April 14, 10 AM – noon,

Athol, MA

Running an effective meeting is more than having a meeting time and an agenda. This training covers: Skills for gathering the right meeting participants ; How to ensure that the needs of the group are being met; How to facilitate an effective discussion. Participants will have the opportunity to address their particular needs and concerns with support and techniques that apply to their particular situations.

FREE for health care workers, emergency personnel, first responders, and staff of community agencies serving vulnerable populations in North Central Massachusetts

Seating is limited, but still available. To register, email susan@quabbinmediation.org, or click here.

Real Life Crisis Intervention Skills

Real Life Crisis Intervention Skills

Presented by Quabbin Mediation in Partnership with Heywood Healthcare

April 12, 10AM-noon

Petersham, MA

About the Presenter: Alexandria Windcaller has spent the past 30 years teaching

hospitals, the military, NFL coordinators, criminal justice, schools, parents…(and

that is short list) how to “maintain professional standards when we are personally

targeted or called into manage a volatile scene. “I love my work, but ‘Sheesh

Louise’, I wish people would stop complicating their life.

Crisis Intervention isn’t a mystery, there are some basic steps that anyone of us

can take to keep the scene and personal safety maintained, without being


She is the author of Leading Chaos: An Essential Guide to Conflict Management,

translated to Dutch in 2012. The Response Curriculum that she wrote is used both in

the US and overseas. Her first professional work was as an EMT and she maintained

that certification for nearly 17 years. During that time she began studying Aikido

and opened her own dojo in 1989, which continues today as Wendell Aikido.

“I don’t need to convince people to attend this training. Doctors, nurses, emergency

teams and caretakers know that continuing education in this area is a must. Plus, we

have such a crazy good time in class it makes missing a bit of work not only fun,

but worthwhile!

This 2-hour session will provide Fine Tuning Crisis Intervention Skills.

It is an experiential workshop that provides: A clear goal for every crisis

intervention, What to say? What not to say? And how to step-off-the-line

when physically approached.

FREE for health care workers, emergency personnel, first responders, and staff of community agencies serving vulnerable populations in North Central Massachusetts

Seating is limited, but still available. To register, email med.dir.quabbinmediation@gmail.com, or click here.

Balanced Engagement Training

March 24, 10 – noon

Gardner, MA

This training will help participants engage fully and effectively
in conversations with people who are in
an elevated emotional state. Questions this training will
address include: Why do situations escalate? When
faced with accusations, how do we react evenly? When
an individual takes an intractable position, how do we
move forward? Maintaining composure in the face of
escalated emotions and challenging situations can be
crucial, yet seemingly impossible. This training equips
participants with de-escalation techniques. It trains participants
in how to reflect and validate emotions expressed
by others. Participants learn to be effective and
composed when discussing difficult situations with people
who are in a difficult place.

FREE for health care workers, emergency personnel, and staff of community agencies serving vulnerable populations in North Central Massachusetts

Seating is limited, but still available. To register, email susan@quabbinmediation.org, or click here.

Veterans Mediation Training

Quabbin Mediation is pleased to announce that our Veteran’s Mediation program is offering a series of trainings in mediation and mediation skills.  These trainings are free for veterans, their families, and those who serve veterans.

Mediation Training: The training consists of skill-building exercises, role-plays, and interactive large and small group activities, providing the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to mediate.  Trainers include Quabbin Mediation staff and members of Veterans Mediation.   Those who complete the 35-hour training earn a certificate. and are qualified to work as mediators with Quabbin Mediation or another community mediation center.  You can learn more about basic mediation training here.

We are offering two basic mediation trainings:

Northampton: March 31, April 7, April 14, April 21, April 28; 8:30 AM-4:00PM

Framingham/Marlboro: May 12, May 19, June 2, June 9, June 16; 8:30 AM-4:00PM


Mediation Skills  Training: Mediation skills provide  veterans serving veterans with skills for constructive and positive negotiation and advocacy. Participants become better listeners, learn to understand sources of conflict, how to ask appropriate questions,  negotiate, and resolve conflicts.

Boston: February 23&24; 3 hours each day

Boston Area: March 16; 9:30AM-4:00PM

Worcester Area: April 11; 9:30AM-4:00PM

Springfield Area: May 9; 9:30AM-4:00PM

Framingham/Marlboro: June 1; 9:30AM-4:00PM

To attend any of these trainings, please fill out the registration form:   2017-mediation-and-skills-training-registration-forms .  Completed forms can be returned to our office, 13 South Main Street, Orange, MA 01364, or faxed to us at (978) 544-2165, or emailed to susan@quabbinmediation.org


TAB Instructor Comes Full Circle

TAB Trainers and Instructors in a class portrait

North Quabbin TAB Trainer Class Fall 2016

As I look upon each student’s face, I look into their eyes and can finally see what I looked like when I was sitting where they are now, 5 years ago. I took my first Training Active Bystanders (TAB) Training for Trainers (T4T) when I was just 15. I was the youngest in the training, I was on crutches, and yet I still entered that room with the grandest smile on my face, much like the students who I had trained at the T4T on September 22, 2016.

TAB is a curriculum created to teach participants about how to handle abusive or harm-doing situations that may arise in day to day life. We do this over 6 lessons, each one talking in depth about harm doing situations, the roles people play in each of these situations and how to handle them properly without doing further harm to yourself or others. The jist of it is to actually teach about what a bystander is, and how to be active, and help the situation, instead of passive and remaining complicit to the action at hand.

A T4T is when two or more TAB instructors visit schools or communities and train participants to teach younger or other students and community members about Training Active Bystanders. This particular T4T was a two day session: the first day was dedicated to teaching the students the TAB curriculum, and the second day was all about the students teaching the curriculum back to us.

The first day we gathered at Mahar. All of the Mahar students sat down talking eagerly about what might happen in the class today, what classes they were thankfully missing, and typical high school gossip. Soon the sleepy, smiling faces of Athol High walked in and we were ready.

We started our morning off going right into the curriculum. Jennifer Learner and I taught the students how we would teach a middle school class: letting them answer like middle school students, and giving pointers on how to answer them in return. “I don’t know if they would actually believe aliens are coming down from outer space to learn about TAB,” to which we would respond with, “Well, you never know, so let’s be safe and not sorry!” We did a role play in lesson three, enabling the students to join in as passive and active bystanders.

We discussed briefly the dangers and advantages of technology, such as abuse over Snapchat and Twitter, while also stating that some communities are able to text 911 in an emergency to be more safe in an extreme situation. We talked about hard issues such as sexual, emotional, and domestic abuse and how to handle each of those concerns if as student were to bring up one of these situations. And at the end of the day we taught the kids what to do when you run out of time because sometimes that is just the case and you have to wrap up efficiently, much like Jennifer and I had to.

The following day Jennifer went to Athol High where the students congregated with Bob Sekula, another TAB instructor. The students each took on a lesson to teach to the instructors and other TAB trainers. All of the students were having fun teaching.  The “class” gave their teachers a little bit of a hard time to help the trainers learn hands on how respond. even the TAB instructors made things a bit uncomfortable so the trainers would learn how to handle that kind of situation. By the end of both training days the new TAB trainers were ready. They learned the curriculum, they can put their own thoughts and input into the lessons, and most importantly they know how to excerpt the information in their own words and are able to relay in information to others in a professional, yet acessible manner.

Working with both Athol and Mahar is quite the experience; two different cultures, two different high schools, yet all the same problems and now all the same training to help with those problems. TAB training, uniting us as one since day one.

Marissa Lynn is a Quabbin Mediation TAB Instructor and Graduate of Athol High School.

Training for Veterans at Holyoke Community College

Veterans Mediation, a program of Quabbin Mediation and the Massachusetts One Stop Career Centers,   is offering training in communication and problem solving skills for increased employability free to veterans at Holyoke Community College on November 2 and November 9:

Mediation Skills Training–Communication Skills for Increased Employability  November 2, 1-4 PM                                                                                                                                        In this first of two Mediation Skills trainings, we will focus on improving communication skills, an invaluable asset for any employee or employer.  Active listening, reframing, summarizing, reflecting, inquiry and empathy are all critical tools for the effective communicator.  The course will include small group work and interactive exercises, as well as written materials and discussion, improving communication skills to use in the workplace an beyond.

Mediation Skills Training–Problem Solving Skills for Increased Employability   November 9, 1-4 PM                                                                                                                                        In this second Mediation Skills training, the focus will be the critical skills involved in problem solving.  Approaching the problem with an open mind, brainstorming, collaborating, and creating effective outcomes by finding common ground will all be aspects of this training.  The course will include small group work and interactive exercises, as well as written materials and discussion.

Both trainings will be held at HCC in the Kittredge Center, Room 221, 303 Homestead Avenue, Holyoke, MA.                                                                                                                        For more information, call Quabbin Mediation at (978) 544-6142, or contact us on our website.                                                                                                                                                     To register for these trainings, please call (413) 522-2123, or email vsemyrog@hcc.edu


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