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Veterans Mediation Training

Veterans Mediation Training

35 hour Veterans Mediation Training Sessions will be held on Fridays from 8:30 to 4:00. Dates and Locations TBD

Registration Form 2018-19 Mediation AND skills training registration forms

Brochure VM Training Brochure 2019-vm-training-brochure

To attend any of these trainings, please fill out the registration form:   VM Registration Form .  Completed forms can be returned to our office, 13 South Main Street, Orange, MA 01364, or faxed to us at (978) 544-2165, or emailed to susan@quabbinmediation.org.

Mediation Training: The training consists of skill-building exercises, role-plays, and interactive large and small group activities, providing the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to mediate.  Trainers include Quabbin Mediation staff and members of Veterans Mediation.   Those who complete the 35-hour training earn a certificate. and are qualified to work as mediators with Quabbin Mediation or another community mediation center.  You can learn more about basic mediation training here.

Professional 35 hour mediation training – Fridays, from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM; Dates and Locations TBD

Mediation Skills  Training:  9:30 AM to 4:00 PM – Mediation skills provide  veterans serving veterans with skills for constructive and positive negotiation and advocacy. Participants become better listeners, learn to understand sources of conflict, how to ask appropriate questions,  negotiate, and resolve conflicts. Dates and Locations TBD.

Veterans Mediation Training Brochure    2019-vm-training-brochure

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