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Real Life Crisis Intervention Skills

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Real Life Crisis Intervention Skills

Presented by Quabbin Mediation in Partnership with Heywood Healthcare

April 12, 10AM-noon

Petersham, MA

About the Presenter: Alexandria Windcaller has spent the past 30 years teaching

hospitals, the military, NFL coordinators, criminal justice, schools, parents…(and

that is short list) how to “maintain professional standards when we are personally

targeted or called into manage a volatile scene. “I love my work, but ‘Sheesh

Louise’, I wish people would stop complicating their life.

Crisis Intervention isn’t a mystery, there are some basic steps that anyone of us

can take to keep the scene and personal safety maintained, without being


She is the author of Leading Chaos: An Essential Guide to Conflict Management,

translated to Dutch in 2012. The Response Curriculum that she wrote is used both in

the US and overseas. Her first professional work was as an EMT and she maintained

that certification for nearly 17 years. During that time she began studying Aikido

and opened her own dojo in 1989, which continues today as Wendell Aikido.

“I don’t need to convince people to attend this training. Doctors, nurses, emergency

teams and caretakers know that continuing education in this area is a must. Plus, we

have such a crazy good time in class it makes missing a bit of work not only fun,

but worthwhile!

This 2-hour session will provide Fine Tuning Crisis Intervention Skills.

It is an experiential workshop that provides: A clear goal for every crisis

intervention, What to say? What not to say? And how to step-off-the-line

when physically approached.

FREE for health care workers, emergency personnel, first responders, and staff of community agencies serving vulnerable populations in North Central Massachusetts

Seating is limited, but still available. To register, email med.dir.quabbinmediation@gmail.com, or click here.

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