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Balanced Engagement Training

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Have questions? Want to set up a mediation or training? Give us a call at (978) 544-6142, or email info@quabbinmediation.org

March 24, 10 – noon

Gardner, MA

This training will help participants engage fully and effectively
in conversations with people who are in
an elevated emotional state. Questions this training will
address include: Why do situations escalate? When
faced with accusations, how do we react evenly? When
an individual takes an intractable position, how do we
move forward? Maintaining composure in the face of
escalated emotions and challenging situations can be
crucial, yet seemingly impossible. This training equips
participants with de-escalation techniques. It trains participants
in how to reflect and validate emotions expressed
by others. Participants learn to be effective and
composed when discussing difficult situations with people
who are in a difficult place.

FREE for health care workers, emergency personnel, and staff of community agencies serving vulnerable populations in North Central Massachusetts

Seating is limited, but still available. To register, email susan@quabbinmediation.org, or click here.

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