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Upcoming Basic Mediation Training

Get In Touch

Have questions? Want to set up a mediation or training? Give us a call at (978) 544-6142, or email info@quabbinmediation.org

Where: Athol, MA

When: Fridays 8 am to 4 pm

September 16, 23, and 30 and October 7 and 14

Cost: $500 per person

Mediation promotes communication and is an effective way of resolving conflicts while working to preserve important relationships, and to save time and money. Mediators help people in conflict clarify issues, identify common interests, and seek their own solutions while creating agreements that satisfy the needs of everyone involved. The mediation process is flexible and promotes creative thinking. Mediation is voluntary, neutral, confidential, self-determined and includes informed consent.

Mediation skills are not only useful for conducting formal mediations, but are applicable in situations and conflicts of all types. Business and workplace conflicts, parent-child and family matters, and conflicts among neighbors are examples of where mediation skills can be invaluable tools in resolving conflicts.

The 35-hour Basic Mediation Training emphasizes skill building and practice. Lecture, large group discussion, small group work, personal reflection, and role-playing are all utilized in order to maximize the learning potential for all participants. The Basic Mediation Training is the foundational piece for all mediators as well as providing tools for carrying forward creative problem solving.


Lunch will be provided for participants; First come, first serve limited enrollment.

Click here to learn more about Basic Mediation Training.

Contact us here or at med.dir.quabbinmediation@gmail.com  to sign up


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